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ODIN can be easily used to trend any BACnet objects for monitoring and archiving purposes.

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Imagine having a building tell you when it is having a problem. With ODIN Alarms any BACnet object can have a set of alarm parameters configured to do just that.

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    By creating an alarm notification and selecting an associated BACnet object, each alarm object parameter can be defined to produce an alarm message whenever the object value is out of range and produce an alarm message on the display instantly. A message can also be sent by SMTP to any recipient email address with a default or custom message. All alarms are saved in the Events view for review at any time. The Alarms feature can provide a building owner or operator with confidence that if there is an alarm, people can be notified before it can become a bigger problem. With remote access via any device browser checking out the problem can save time and money.

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The ODIN Schedules feature allows a building operator the ability to simply verify or change a certain schedule for the systems operations.

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    ODIN Schedules can create a new BACnet schedule object and reference an associated object and provide a short or long term schedule and/or exception schedule. Building operators experience needs for schedule changes on a regular basis and with the ODIN Schedules they can easily have access to these adjustments.

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