ODIN connects you to your facility’s BACnet HVAC/Automation System seamlessly, from any device, anywhere, at any time

What is Odin?

ODIN (Operator Display Integrated Network) is a BACnet-certified software that quickly and easily integrates any new or existing BACnet certified products.

With this innovative complimentary BACnet accessory, you’ll be able to connect to any of the HVAC and automation systems you manage remotely, saving you time and money.

Experience the ODIN Difference


Access :

ODIN provides remote access to your building automation sites, from the secure ODIN cloud server, with a single login. There is no need for additional 3rd party access software.


Integrate :

ODIN recognizes existing supervisory BACnet devices/objects, schedules, trends, and alarms; enabling ODIN to compliment an existing building automation system.


Secure :

ODIN provides a secure SSL communication connection between your building automation systems and the cloud. All synchronous data is encrypted.


Manage :

ODIN allows you to efficiently manage a single or multi-site installation with an easily customizable user interface.


Save :

ODIN facilitates cost-effective service with real-time information from any device, anywhere, at any time.

Carry Your Building in Your Pocket

ODIN can be downloaded and accessed by any internet-connected device. This “always-on” application provides users with a complimentary user-interface that seamlessly translates complex and technical HVAC systems into a simplified, readable, easy-to-manage format.

Connect With a Dealer

The ODIN product is sold and supported through an experienced dealer network. Every user will have access to an industry professional who can provide training and support during the installation, configuration, and implementation process.

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Dealer Network

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ODIN is administered and supported by a value-added dealer network. If you have experience with BACnet systems ODIN is the perfect complementary product to support your building automation customers.

When you become an ODIN Dealer you will receive a free 30-day trial, training, and support. Join the ODIN Dealer Network today!

BACnet Certification

ODIN successfully completed BACnet testing and is proud to display its BTL Mark as a symbol of having achieved a high level of quality and conformance based on rigorous testing.

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