Connect with ODIN to your facility’s HVAC/Automation System seamlessly, from any device, anywhere, at any time.

Responsive Display BACnet Certified

ODIN (Operator Display Integrated Network) cloud-based, BACapp powered software is always on, secure SSL and easy to access from any internet connected device: PC, Tablet & Mobile.

Why is BACnet Certified important?

ODIN software showing on laptop, tablet and phone
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    PC, Tablet & Mobile

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    BACnet Certified Products

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    SSL Encrypted

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    Trends, Schedules & Alarms

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    ODIN Dealer Network

Experience the Odin Automation Difference

Secure Remote Internet Access and Cloud Storage

BACnet Data Management from a Single Platform

Multiple Location Management with a Single Login

Mobile Access to Schedules, Trends and Alarms

Low Cost Software as a Service (SaaS)

Scalable from a Single Device to a Multi-Building System

Complimentary to BACnet Supervisory Systems

Quick and Easy Installation