Alarms enable you to tell when your facility is having a potential problem. ODIN’s Alarms don’t stop after notification, but instead, empower the user to manage the identified alarm source in real-time.

ODIN Dealers and site administrators can remotely monitor alarms on all assigned sites with one log-in. This further improves the efficiency of service technicians, as they no longer need to access multiple VPN’s or client access accounts before getting to work addressing the source of the alarm.

The Alarms feature can provide a building owner or operator the confidence that the right people will be notified before a Building Automation System issue becomes a potentially bigger problem.


Trends tell the story of how well (or not) the equipment in a building is operating. This data can help a building manager monitor their building’s HVAC systems for consistency, keep the occupants happy and the efficiencies under control.

With ODIN’s app-based software, not only can you easily and remotely set new trends to any BACnet objects for monitoring and archiving purposes, but you can also manage previously established trends from an existing BAS infrastructure, so previous configuration time is preserved.


Schedules in ODIN allow building operators to quickly verify or change a specific schedule for the system’s operations anywhere and at any time.

ODIN Schedules can also create a new BACnet schedule object, reference an associated object, and provide a short or long term schedule and/or exception schedule as needed. Building operators experience the need for schedule changes regularly, and with ODIN Schedules, they can make those adjustments whenever they need to.

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Enterprise User Management

ODIN’s Enterprise User Management system and seamless workflows provide multi-level user access. Power users that are required to support multiple customer sites and/or building sites can now access each system through one login. Users that require limited access are easily defined and setup as needed. ODIN does not limit the number of users that can be established with various authorization levels.

Regardless of whether you need access to one building or multiple clients’ sites, ODIN can provide the easy to use, secure cloud connection.

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